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Allergy Testing in West Bridgewater, MA

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what is Allergy Testing?

When your body detects a foreign substance, antibodies trigger the release of chemicals, like histamine. This reaction leads to an allergic reaction, like rashes, itching, swelling, or other undesirable effects. For most people, allergy symptoms are mild, but others experience chronic, severe, or life-threatening symptoms. Our lab experts at Bridgewater Primary Care & Cardiology in West Bridgewater, MA perform routine allergy testing. We typically offer blood tests or skin (scratch) tests to help board-certified internist Dr. John K. Terzian to identify which food or substance is causing your symptoms. Contact our team to schedule an appointment, and learn more about the allergy tests we offer.

what to expect from allergy testing

The easiest way to avoid complications is by reducing exposure to the known substances that trigger allergy attacks and the risk of severe reactions and anaphylaxis. Our allergy testing team conducts tests for food allergies, pets, hay fever, mold, dust, latex, mites, insects, allergies to medications, and more. Skin tests involve pricks to the skin to expose you to small amounts of proteins found in specific allergens that may reveal an allergy if it reacts with irritated, red, swollen bumps. We may perform an intradermal test, which introduces a small amount of the allergen solution by injecting it just under the skin in the dermal (second) layer. Blood tests require a blood sample to measure the amount of allergen-causing antibodies in the bloodstream. Our doctors will review your results and recommend treatment options, like medication or allergy shots.

I am extremely happy with the treatment provided by Dr. Terzian and office staff. They are very professional and pleasant with patients.

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wanted to say this is the best and most efficiently run practice I have seen in a very long time. Everyone is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. the nurse practitioner I saw, Nicole, was amazing. she went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and satisfied. the office staff stayed on the phone booking and urgent dermatologist appointment for me the next day. They are an amazing practice.

L.W. Yelp

Danielle at the desk is always the kindest and most friendly person to talk to! She’s also super helpful with arranging your follow ups in an organized manner.

D.C. Google

I absolutely love this office, The staff are sweet and caring and very personable and Dr. John is to the point.

Anonymous Healthgrades

Excellent doctors they took very good care of me on three different occasions and I'm due back in the office very soon and looking forward to it they treat you like family.

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Alleviate Your Allergies

While allergies are very common among Americans, the cause isn't always known. If you or your loved one are experiencing chronic, severe, or even mild allergies, contact Bridgewater Primary Care & Cardiology in West Bridgewater, MA today. Our expert team can perform certain allergy tests to identify the specific allergen you are suffering from so you can get the treatment you need. Our team is accepting new allergy patients who have not been diagnosed or need a physician to help manage their condition. Please call and set up an appointment if you'd like to begin your allergy treatment, and get allergy relief today.

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