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Information About Primary Care & Cardiology Services

Primary Care

Same-Day New Patient Visit

New patients can be seen on the same day, if scheduled, and may include a comprehensive physical exam and certain tests to diagnose any conditions.

Same-Day Sick Visit

Our team is passionate about serving patients and offering same-day medical care for minor, urgent, and non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Women's Health

Women's health care is important and unique. Our experienced team is skilled in ensuring women maintain a high quality of life and optimal health.

Preventive Care

A vital part of maintaining good health, preventive care monitors your overall health and wellness, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol levels.

Physical Exam

A core element of preventive healthcare, physical exams help patients maintain good health and identify more serious medical conditions.

Flu Shots

An annual flu shot boosts the body's immunity against the most common types of influenza virus to avoid contracting this highly contagious illness.


Cardiac Testing

To measure how the heart responds to stress, on-site cardiac tests can record heart rhythms, blood pressure, heart rate, and electrical activity.

Nuclear Stress Testing

This test diagnoses and monitors heart problems such as coronary artery disease by injecting a low dose of radioactive material called a radiotracer.

Stress Echo Testing

Stress echo testing observes your heart at rest and in action to identify any distress and help diagnose coronary artery disease.

Echo Testing

High-frequency sound waves echo from an ultrasound wand on the outside of your chest to create an outline of the heart’s valves and chambers.


This ultrasound scan of the heart reveals details about blood flow within the heart, creating a graphic image of the heart's structure and function.

Vascular Testing

Our team performs a variety of vascular tests on-site at your convenience to diagnose and monitor blood flow and vascular conditions.

Pulse Volume Recording

This noninvasive test uses an inflatable cuff and ultrasound to detect blood clots, partially blocked arteries, or peripheral artery disease.

Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound

Our cardiac testing team uses the latest technologies to diagnose irregularities, including aortic aneurysms, and develop a treatment plan.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Testing

Nuclear medicine testing involves using a radioactive substance to reveal abnormalities or artery blockages of the heart.

Nuclear Medicine Scans

We offer modern imaging techniques and nuclear medicine scans to diagnose and treat coronary artery disease and other conditions.


In-House Reference Lab

Our expert team offers comprehensive laboratory services and time-efficient solutions to help improve and manage your health.

Blood Work

Results from blood work from our in-house lab can help us diagnose and monitor certain conditions to develop the most appropriate treatment plans.

Allergy Testing

Our allergy testing team conducts skin and blood tests for food allergies, pets, hay fever, mold, dust, insects, allergies to medications, and more.

In-House Rapid Testing

Performed during a primary care appointment, a rapid test is a type of health diagnostic tool that presents real-time results within minutes.


Ultrasounds are a safe and effective way to view your internal structures clearly and use sound waves, producing no radiation or risk.
*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.