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When Is a Nuclear Stress Test Needed?


If you live in or near West Bridgewater, MA, and you're concerned about your heart health, you might be wondering when a nuclear stress test might be needed. At Bridgewater Primary Care & Cardiology, our highly qualified physician, Dr. John K. Terzian, specializes in diagnosing and treating heart conditions. But how do you know if a nuclear stress test is the right choice for you?

What is a nuclear stress test like?

For those unfamiliar, a nuclear stress test procedure involves injecting a small, safe amount of a radioactive substance into your bloodstream. You'll then walk on a treadmill to stress your heart. The idea is to compare images of your heart at rest and after exercise, providing Dr. Terzian with valuable information about your heart's health.

What are the signs you need a stress test?

Generally, a nuclear stress test is recommended for individuals who have symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or irregular heart rhythms. If you've recently had a heart attack or undergone heart surgery, this test may also be necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment. Additionally, if you have a family history of heart disease or other risk factors, a stress test could be a proactive measure.

How does a nuclear stress test differ from other stress tests?

A nuclear stress test varies from a standard stress test for the heart in several ways. A nuclear stress test offers a more detailed picture of your heart's condition than a standard stress test. The nuclear substance helps in creating images that allow Dr. Terzian to observe the blood flow to your heart, both at rest and during physical activity. This detailed information is crucial in diagnosing severe heart conditions that may not be visible through a standard stress test.

Is it time to take action?

If you're experiencing any symptoms or have concerns about your heart health, don't hesitate to reach out to Dr. John K. Terzian and his team at Bridgewater Primary Care & Cardiology. Early detection is crucial when it comes to heart conditions, and a nuclear stress test procedure may be the important step you need in diagnosing and treating your condition. We're committed to offering comprehensive and compassionate care for all your cardiac needs. Schedule an appointment at our office in West Bridgewater, MA, today to discuss if a nuclear stress test is right for you. Your heart will thank you for it.

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